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With the purchase of the "Pizza Business Manual" you are entitled to free online consulting via email for a period of tone month. This pizza  consulting service is performed personally by me the author of all  publications at the PIZZA BUSINESS WEBSITE.

I normally charge $30 per month for this online consulting service for those who do not purchase the manual. This service will enable you to have your pizza business related questions answered and is a very valuable tool while in the planning stages of your new business, or if you plan on buying a pizza franchise. This pizza business consulting service is much like having a friend or family member in the pizza business that you can contact for information. I'm here to help as your friend in the pizza business.


Your three month pizza consulting period begins upon the submission of your first question. Simply click on "Submit Question" below to submit your consulting question. If I cannot answer your question I will conduct
reasonable research to answer it. Also, consulting questions will be answered in the order received.

  1. Submit question to:     
  2. Put "Pizza Question" in subject heading of email
  3. Authenticate. (Put your name in the body of your email question so that I know you ordered. If you do not authenticate your question will not be answered.)


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